Dikt; "The Snow Queen" av Martin Forey

Jewel of the Himalayas
 What price a mottled ounce
 Rosetted ash and ivory
 Spring coiled tight to pounce

Mythical mountain monarch
 From lofty balcony she waits
 Regally surveying her court
 Of blanket snow and cragged slate

Surefooted snow-shoed stalker
 Silent solitary days to roam
 Across her treacherous territory
 Of wintery speckled monochrome

Ibex, Markhor and blue sheep
 Beware the clack of careless hoof
 For peril awaits a single leap
 Atop the tiles of Asia’s roof

Expect her not to abdicate
 More place than any has she there
 For never more to wild estate
 Did claim such sole and rightful heir.


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