Project Storybook

For noen dager siden kom jeg over "Project Storybook". Det er to personer som prøver å samle sammen godnatt-historier for barn til en bok. Noe de ønsker er godnatt-historier fra så mange land som mulig.

"People’s lives across the world are increasingly interconnected. Through the processes of globalization, local actions may have global effects. In such a world, empathy and consideration of others and our actions is of increasing importance.

In light of Global Citizenship, we are aiming to compile a book consisting of (bedtime) stories from different countries and cultures for primary school children. The idea is that these stories will broaden their perspectives whilst simultaneously provide them with a ...story to enjoy."(Fra Facebook event siden).

Deadlinen er 21. november, og hvis du er interessert i å hjelpe dem ut, kan du lese mer her.


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