Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Omtale; Forests of the Fae: The Raven Queen av K. Kibbee

Takket være Sage's Blog Tours har jeg fått muligheten til å lese Forests of the Fae: The Raven Queen av K. Kibbee, og nå kommer omtalen.

Beskrivelse fra Goodreads
A summer spent untangling a century-old mass disappearance, communing with ghosts, fleeing dark Fae Folk, and enduring her nefarious cousin Lexie would seem like tribulation enough for 13-year-old Anne, and yet her struggles have only just begun.

Though she’s closed Devlin’s Door behind her, it would seem that something sinister has followed Anne from the other side. Her dearest friend Grace is not as she would seem. Something dark has taken hold of the girl . . . something not of this world. Ravens surround her, people mindlessly do her bidding, and wickedness drips from her lips. It’s only a matter of time before Anne uncovers her secret and with it, her vengeance.
Meanwhile, somewhere deep in the Forests of the Fae, the real Grace struggles to retain her humanity and escape the revolting Faerie body that imprisons her. With pet raven Onyx at her side, she is heralded a Queen, and worshiped by the very creatures that she despises. Set atop a throne of thorns, she feels all is lost, until a stranger with human eyes and a sorted past is shackled at her feet.
Though worlds apart, both girls must race against time if they hope to unravel the mysteries of the Fae folk and unmask The Raven Queen.

Mine tanker om boka
Tatt i betraktning at jeg har lest Devlin's Door tidligere, var jeg interessert i å finne ut hva som skjedde videre med Anne og Grace. Jeg likte denne boka også, og håper på at det blir en tredje bok i serien snart.

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