Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Dikt; Sonnet: On School-Life av Dr John Celes

First day we stepped into a school was great-
In uniform with school-bag, looking cute! 
We could not walk or run and had a slate; 
We learnt to read and write and be not mute.

We learnt the Alphabets: count one to ten! 
We ate so happily when school-bell rung; 
Our teachers taught us how to hold the pen; 
We can’t forget those days when we were young.

Our knowledge improved slowly every day; 
Afilled with joy in hearts, we went to play; 
Our teachers taught us manners and to pray; 
The fees- our parents somehow tried to pay.

Although some hours, some days, we may detest, 
The years we spent in school are sure the best! 

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