Sunday, 24 August 2014

Dikt; Morning Miracle av Saroj Padhi

Everyday I meet you first
 On the glassy cheeks of my window pane
 Where I sense your presence
 As you lurk there in your light white dress
 Delivering messages of love from
 New night flowers
 Blooming in our garden
 For a new sun to bless ;

I meet you
 In the twitters of birds
 In the boughs
 Nestling softly against my window
 In their excited flurry
 And songs of glory
 About fruits and flowers
 About petals’ ceaseless scented showers
 On my roofs of asbestos ;

I meet you
 In the haloed look of a smiley moon
 Dangling from the cheeks of dawn’s sky
 Suffused with soft colours of an about- to- rise sun
 As leaves shiver in excitement
 Over day’s sweet snacks
 In tune with the breeze that awakes
 Sleeping souls daily to new miracles .

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