Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Dikt; Discrimination av Aa Harvey

Knowledge is power, know your history,
Study his story or her story.
Whichever you favour, to choose your reaction, 
For illumination, learn about the history of your nation.
For history repeats itself,
So make a change, to help yourself.

Learn what made you, the person you are.
Know your roots, before planting your seed, 
Don't let your mistakes, line your history.
Affirmative action will set you free, to ignore the bigotry.

The Afro-American struggle, has similarities with your own;
Surely you too, have been persecuted by someone.
Sure maybe on a different scale, 
But still persecuted, like the feminist females.

Still, treated differently 
Because of their thoughts of you.  
Their opinion of how you look, 
Or what they see you do.
Surely they've closed the door to you too?
And sent you away, 
Before hearing your words?

Simply because of the way, 
You are perceived to be.
It may have even lead you, 
To question the person they see.
They judge you with their power, 
Without even knowing you; 
But even Einstein looked stupid, 
With his mad scientist hairdo.

So follow what you believe, you can really do,
Don't quit because they say, 
You can't do the things you wish to.
Prove them wrong, prove yourself right.
Never let them overcome your struggle, 
Because nothing good comes easy, 
There is always a price. 
So is it worth the fight?

The hardest fight you'll have 
Is with the demons inside you, 
But when you've conquered your inner demons, 
Nothing in this world will be able to stop you.

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