Saturday, 13 September 2014

Dikt; Would It Really Matter by Mark Dillon

Would it really matter if we didn't get up today.
 Didn't go to work and just stayed home to play.
 If we just stood idly by and left the work undone
 Cast away the chores and just went and had some fun.

Whoever set the precedence of working through the day
 To come home jaded tired, exhausted from the fray.
 Must have had a sad existence tied to the work ideal
 just like running endless circles on the hamsters wheel.

All work and no play, the bills, they cripple and sometimes slay.
 Those who don't take time to stop and say
 'What about me, this is wrong'
 Then go and have some wine and song.
 To break the chains of work and toil
 does the soul good every once in a while.

Would it really matter if we took a little time out,
 to let our hair down and laugh, scream and shout.
 Release all those frustrations and keep the beast in check.
 'cause if we don't let off some steam,
 we'll wind up a quivering wreck.

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